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Published: 18th March 2011
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For infants the elderly or people who do not like to swallow capsules or tablets, a liquid multiple vitamin/mineral supplement is the most helpful way to get the nutrition they need. Choose a high- quality supplement from a reputable company. Look for approximately 50%-100% of the RDA of each nutrient in one teaspoon. You can always take two doses in one day. Some liquid multi vitamin and mineral supplements can be lacking in vitamin C, calcium and other nutrients that may degrade quicker in a liquid form.

Usually you will take 1 to 2 teaspoons once or twice a day. If you have certain ailments, you may need to take more than the recommended dose. Problems that may require more than the usual dosage are; malabsorption, folic acid deficiency, difficulty swallowing pills, general fatigue, gastric surgery and digestive problems, and prenatal and nursing mothers.

Taking a multivitamin mineral supplement in any form offers many benefits. These formulations have the right balance of nutrients that work together to give your body the ability to run properly. What you put in has a direct efect on how you feel. The advantage of liquid vitamin mineral supplements is the abiltiy to be absorbed into your system the minute it goes into your mouth. This is an advantage for those with digestion problems.

Liquid multiple vitamin/mineral supplement products are helpful for individuals such as infants or the elderly who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules. When selecting a brand, choose a product with approximately 50-100% of the RDA of each of the nutrient components in one teaspoonful. Some liquid vitamin/mineral supplements can be lacking in vitamin C, calcium, and other nutrients.

Some circumstances where a liquid multi-vitamin/mineral supplement may be advised in amounts beyond general recommendations (usual range is 1-2 teaspoons with meals) are iron or folic acid deficiency, malabsorption, general fatigue, difficulty swallowing pills, gastric surgery, and prenatal and nursing mothers.

Hope this information for you on multivitamin liquid supplements helpful. Liqui-Lea Plus Iron is a high-potency multivitamin liquid plus iron dietary supplement for those who prefer a liquid multivitamin over pills. Click on this next link if you would like more information on the benefits of taking a multivitamin as well as multivitamin health.

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